February 2017 Newsletter

Chaparral Country Club, venue for monthly meetingMONTHLY DINNER MEETING

Chaparral Country Club
1260 Mohave Drive
Bullhead City

Speakers: Mohave County Sheriff Doug Shuster
Date: February 8th, 2017
Social Hour: 6:00pm
Dinner served at 6:30pm sharp! Cost is $15.00 per person

DID YOU KNOW????Bring 1 ream of paper for a FREE 50/50 Ticket! Donation benefits the Academy of Building Industries




Please note: We pay for all meals ordered. Once you have made your reservation, you will be charged for your dinner even if you do not attend.

President Rick Bastyr

President Rick Bastyr


Hello members,

Is it just me or is time flying by? When I look back at this past month I realize how much I have accomplished. I also noticed how much I didn’t get done and how much I forgot to do. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of getting older. At least I have the senior discounts to look forward to. But I’ll probably forget to use them.

One thing no one can forget is the upcoming home show. Please get your vendor applications in asap. We have had a lot of interest in this years show. Our new venue, at the Riverview mall near Big Lots, is one big reason. The space is HUGE. All of our vendors will be under one roof including the crafters. We hope to add cooking demos as well this year.
And don’t forget the ever popular car show.

Another thing for everyone to keep in mind is our yearly elections in June for the board of directors. Like in all organizations sometimes change is good. We need some fresh ideas at our meetings. I am completing my 5th year as president and I think it’s time to pass the stick. I’ve done what I can and it’s time for new blood. I’ll still attend board meetings to help with the transition of this position.

This month’s guest speaker will be the new Mohave County Sheriff Doug Shuster.  Doug has been on the job a little over a month and will be talking about the current situation with county law enforcement as well as his plans for the future.  Make your reservations now for this interesting program and let the sheriff know if you have any particular concerns with his office.

I look forward to seeing all of you on February 8th at 6pm. Don’t forget to rsvp to receive a drawing ticket for next months dinner.

President Rick Bastyr

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Call To Order

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at Scooters, 2750 Miracle Mile, Bullhead City, AZ.  The meeting was called to order at 11:51 a.m., by President Rick Bastyr.        


President Rick Bastyr, Vice President Larry Adams, Treasurer Steve Bouman, Directors Steve Ramsey and Catherine Lopez-Rajaniemi.  Absent: Secretary John Caponetto, Directors Kim Camacho, Keith Parker, and Jim Underwood.  Guest:  Carey Fearing from Mohave Daily News, and Tom Gallant from Around the River.    


President Bastyr asked if everyone had read the Minutes. President Bastyr asked for a motion to approve the December 2016 Board Minutes.  Vice President Adams made a motion to approve the December 2016 Board Minutes with corrections.  Treasurer Bouman seconded the motion.  Vice President Adams said under “Sales Tax”, Gina Cobb did go to Phoenix, but he said he went also.  Under “Guest”, Vice President Adams was not tasked to talk to Jean regarding website.  Under “Academy of Building Industries”, it’s under state law, not Federal law, and the law states “physical education at schools”, not must have gym.  Also, they do not need “temporary buildings”.  All were in favor.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Bouman reported on the current Treasurer’s Report to the Board. President Bastyr asked for a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Vice President Adams made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Director Ramsey seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Motion passed.

Christmas Party

President Bastyr asked if everyone had a good time and if they received any comments.  Everyone said they had a good time, enjoyed the music, and that everyone they talked to said they had a great time.  


Tom Gallant from Around the River explained to the Board everything their website does and can do for the Mohave Valley Contractors Association.  Mr. Gallant said he is on the Board of Bullhead City/Mohave Valley Association of Realtors.  He’s hoping that the Contractors and the Realtors can work together to bring people to Bullhead City.  

Carey Fearing said that she can build a website and use a splash simple page.  We have different options to use.  Question was asked if we could put brochure on the website.  How many buttons can we get on the website?  Ms. Fearing said we could get up to four buttons.  Discussion was held on what we all want on the website.  Ms. Fearing will be checking up on this.  Vice President Adams said he will follow up with the Mayor to get more brochures.  He said we still have 7,000 old brochures left.  

Senior & Winter Visitor Expo

Director Lopez-Rajaniemi said that the Senior & Winter Visitor Expo will be held February 10, 2017, from 8am to 1pm inside the Mohave High School gym.  She felt that the Mohave Valley Contractors Association should have a booth at this event. Vice President Adams made a motion to have a booth for the Senior & Winter Visitor Expo and pay the $95 vendor fee.  Director Lopez-Rajaniemi seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Motion passed.  

Where To Retire

Vice President Adams said that he and Directors Ramsey and Lopez-Rajaniemi worked on the labels for the envelopes to go out.

Sales Tax

Vice President Adams said he had nothing to report on the Sales Tax.  

Home Show

President Bastyr asked Vice President Adams if he is talking to the Kiwanis Club regarding food for the Home Show.  President Bastyr said that he wants to go over the Beale’s building this Friday and needs to pick up the key from Vice President Adams.  He said that a small committee met last week consisting of himself, Directors Ramsey and Lopez-Rajaniemi, and Treasurer Bouman.  He said that the fees will remain the same, but the spaces for the vendors will be a little larger.  He also said that this time they will have one way in, and one way out.  Director Lopez-Rajaniemi met with Darlene yesterday and she will also be setting up a lunch meeting at Lisa’s Bistro next Monday for the Home Show Committee with herself, Director Ramsey, Treasurer Bouman, and Vice President Adams and President Bastyr.

Academy of Building Industries

There was a discussion on talking to Jean Thompson to see what the school needs. They talked about getting a grant writer for grant money to help the school.  This item will be tabled until Jean has a list of what they need.


President Bastyr asked if anyone had anything more to discuss.  Seeing none, he asked for a motion to adjourn.    Director Lopez-Rajaniemi made a motion to adjourn and Director Ramsey seconded the motion.  All were in favor.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 1:09 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura L. Harrison
January 10, 2017